Behind Anonymity and Online Dating

Certainly, dating online is bliss; however you need to know how to guard your safety and your anonymity in sharing information about yourself.

Protecting Your Anonymity

By definition, anonymity is a result of not having to identify your name or your physical characteristics to a person be it online for offline.

Protecting Yourself

How do you go about protecting yourself and your private life? According to Webster\'s NewWorld Dictionary privacy means that there are certain information a person is not willing to share with other people or simply he or she wants to limit the distribution of that information.

Without a doubt online anonymity is really a mixed blessing. Below are some of the things you need to note before communicating online.

Your Personal Information:

a. The first and the last name

Never use your first real name as your screen name. If you are joining an online dating site its best to stick to a certain pseudonym you are comfortable using. Revealing your real identity on the onset is not a good idea. Remember the internet sometime is nasty, some people might use your information in accessing information about you e.g. your bank accounts and credit card. So it\'s smart to reveal it later on but never too soon.

b. The email address and the home phone number

Like your name and, email and phone number are vital information about you that you should never give out unless you are talking to a relative. Before telling them your home phone or email think of the possible consequences first. Sure you will not like the idea of someone stalking you at 2 am or worst tracking your home by checking out the phone directories.

c. The home and office address

Another thing you should not reveal is your home and office address. Again this will only expose you to possible harm. Sure you will not like the idea of someone looking for you at your job and pretending to be your husband or boyfriend or worst pretending to be your long lost mother or father. Don\'t laugh. These things happen for real.

3 Top Lies Online: Age, Weight and Marital Status

Since it\'s online it\'s easy to lie, you can lie about your age, say you are actually 40 but you can put 35 instead or younger in your profile. You can also lie about your weight or body built especially if you are not allowing the person to view your webcam. Last but not the least, you can always say you\'re single and very much available even if in reality you got 4 divorce already and 12 children.

The Location and Real Identity

Like your age, weight and marital status, you can always lie about your location and invent a new identity. Say you can always tell your chat mates that you are from France, you work as a fashion editor to Vogue or whatever identity you want to link to yourself. This however is helpful if you just want to guard your real identity, however overdoing it is no good.

Money Matters

Got an email in your inbox, you open it and you found out that a certain Ms. Yasmin is asking you a favor to help her in her studies or to help her because her parents. Now, the best thing you can do is to delete the email. Why? It\'s a scam. In the online dating world this kind of thing is common so the next time a hot lady ask you some money for certain reason resist the temptation, block her and delete the email. Same thing applies to girls, no matter how hot the guy can get, ignore. Unless you want to donate your hard-earned money to someone you barely even know.

Meeting the Person

Before giving out information about you its best to meet the person on a face to face basis, however do that after 2 months of talking to each other. TMI or too much information is not a smart move. So if you intend to meet him/her after a couple of months of exchanging emails and talking over YM its best to bare small information only and leave the juicy details on the first meeting so that you have a lot to talk about.

Another thing you need to do if you are meeting someone online for the first time is to let a friend know you are meeting that person and tell him/her the info about your date, e.g. place, time and the name or contact number of the person.


To conclude the article, anonymity can be used for good and bad intentions. And anonymity can in many cases be advantageous for one person and not pleasing for another person.

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