Information and Reviews online dating website is a dating service for Christians looking for a date or a soul mate. Based in Ottawa, Canada, members of the has no specific statistics of the number of its registered members subscribed to their service but there are handful of profiles on their site. experience on the onset is easy and manageable with the use of its quick search database available upon you register on the site. If you wish to search you can simply input your preference if it's a male or female along with the age. Interestingly, users don't need to create an attractive profile to attract potential dates; all you have to do is to be yourself. There is also an online indicator that you can check whether your prospect is online or not. Photo gallery is also provided along with the IM, emails, winks and the like. online dating website also allow privilege users to receive a 10 FREE days of unlimited surfing, a 7 FREE days for logging your dating profile and a 3 FREE days for posting your first photo. Other perks includes a 5 FREE days for each person you refer to, a private mailbox on the Care from which you can send and receive mail even post prayers and praises or pray for the needs of other members. There are also Christian relationship advice columns, written by Dr. Jim Rives suitable for Christian singles using the World Wide Web. customer reviews & feedback

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