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All you wanted to know about online dating, where could you find your love or your life or play mates, from the nicest to the kinkiest dating sites.

Benefits of Online Dating

There are a lot of things you can do over the internet aside from researching nowadays. You can shop, reconnect with friends through social networking, work and now, even date people online.

How to Write your Online Dating Profile

Your online dating success is mostly based on your profile. This is what people first sees of you, hence this is your first impression on them. Write it well, and write it right.

Should you Join an Online Dating Site?

You can be one of thousands of people contemplating on joining a dating site. But, what exactly should you expect? Read on to find out.

The Truth about Dirty Pick Up Lines

Using dirty pick up lines are always very tempting for a lot of guys out there. But there is something that you should know before blurting out another ill-conceived pick up line.

Online Dating: Friendship, Love or Sex

There are a lot of different types of dating sites. Knowing which one to choose can mean the difference between a positive or disappointing online dating experience.

Online Dating Etiquette: Are you Following the Rules?

Online dating is not only about you, its about other people as well. With that in mind, you should be sensitive and considerate about what other people may or may not like. Here's a list of usual no-nos in online dating.

Talking to Women

Talking to women seems to be a craft, an art, a skill that is so far beyond the reach of an average guy. The truth though, its simpler than you give it credit for.

Speed Dating Tips

Sometimes online dating takes you to speed dating. If you eventually decide to take this up, then here are some tips you might find very helpful.

Online Chat Tips

Being a member to an online dating site in the hope of finding someone whom you can share your simple joys in life romantically also introduced you to the world of chat. Without a doubt our modern world has come up with several ways by which people can meet a potential date or mate and of course chat rooms are very popular.

The Truth About First Dates

First dates are more often than not awkward, it's very difficult to figure out topics to talk about that will both interest the two parties. You tend to stammer when ask by your date or worst you get to experience "tabula rasa" mode. Absolutely embarrassing and you'd wish to die right there and then.

To avoid this drama, it pays to know some basic facts on first dates. Remember: First dates can be a make or break deal for you to get o know a person. Here

Dating Christian Singles

Since the emergence of online dating, there are different sites that focused on different people. They target race, beliefs and even age. Christian dating is one of the branches of online dating.

A Peak to the Men Sphere: Men and Online Dating Etiquette

Online dating, although there are no real rules here, still requires etiquette and proper mannerism. There are standards that are acceptable while on the other hand, there are actions that are frowned upon. Here, the do\'s and don\'ts of online dating are discussed.

Behind Anonymity and Online Dating

Online dating is fun. It is about meeting and sharing with other people. However, you should note what you share. The stories of fraud, identity theft and other such crimes that stem from online dating are true. Be careful about who you talk with and more importantly, be careful about what information you share.